11/21/63 Houston, TX- Secret Service agent Clint Hill laughs with the Kennedys and Connallys

11/21/63 Houston, TX- Secret Service agent Clint Hill laughs with the Kennedys and Connallys
11/21/63 Houston, TX- Secret Service agent Clint Hill laughs with the Kennedys and Connallys as fellow agent Sam Sulliman stands in proper formation on the other side of the limo. Sam joined the other Sam---Kinney---in telling me that JFK NEVER ordered the agents to do anything, let alone ordering the agents off the limo. Agent Stu Stout, who looks an awful lot like Hoover, stand in the middle in the background. I like rare photos; same ole same ole bores me

Monday, January 27, 2014

Vince Palamara on radio 1/24/14

Vince Palamara on radio 1/24/14

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (01-24-2014) JFK: A Review of The Secret Service Stand Down
(FEDERALJACK)   On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcome back author, and JFK assassination expert Vince Palamara. They discuss, in detail, the Secret Service stand down leading up to, and during the assassination of the 35th president of the United States of America. As well as the evidence that was covered up, even continuing up to this very day. They also get into the recent 50th anniversary of the “Big Event,” and all of the propaganda that was being served up in the lead up to it. Vince just released a book that goes into detail about the Secret Service stand down titled SURVIVOR’S GUILT, THE SECRET SERVICE AND THE FAILURE TO PROTECT PRESIDENT KENNEDY. Make sure to purchase a copy for your personal research library.

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Jesse Ventura: "Did the Secret Service Lay down on JFK ? Stunning new book"

Jesse Ventura: "Did the Secret Service Lay down on JFK ? Stunning new book" http://ow.ly/sp30N


[Editor's Note: Former Agent Dan Emmett's comments are so well written that I had to make them their own blog- I didn't want them to exist merely as only a blog comment. Dan's words provide a virtual and much needed slap in the face some of us need from time to time- in our zeal to criticize Blaine's book, perhaps some of us go too far in bringing Hill into the matter. I added the picture of Dan's forthcoming book, as well- VMP]

To Whom It May Concern,
Over the past few months I have read many criticisms of Mr. Hill and have become quite tired of it. I would invite his detractors to read my below comments.
Clint Hill did the best he could on that day in Dallas under difficult and probably impossible circumstances. I doubt if there was a man living on 22 November 1963 who could have responded to the shooting any faster than did Agent Hill.
People who continually criticize Mr. Hill because he was not fast enough to get his own head blown off saving the president, which he would have gladly done, should carefully read “The Man in The Arena” by President Theodore Roosevelt. They should then ask themselves the question; are they as Clint Hill was in Dallas, the man in the arena, or are they the timid soul that criticizes the actions of others while themselves knowing neither victory nor defeat. I suspect they are the timid souls.
Agent Clint Hill, United States Secret Service, Presidential Protective Division lost that day as did the entire Secret Service, but he was there in the arena doing his best. He was there moving under fire trying to save the president and first lady. He was there. Where were the timid souls on that day who now feel the need to continue berating a man such as Clint Hill? Many were yet to be born.
As far as a man having nightmares of a presidents head exploding mere feet in front of him, then covering that mass of brain matter and gore with his body while awaiting the next rifle bullet to slam into his own head, I would certainly expect Mr. Hill to have those dreams and do not consider it whining.
BTW, Buckner was a baseball player, not a Secret Service agent. Baseball is a game where if you lose, or if a ball goes through your legs there is always the next game. For Secret Service agents, protecting the president unlike baseball is no children’s game played by adults. It is a life and death profession where if one loses, there is no next game.
Dan Emmett
Author: “Within Arms Length”
Special Agent, United States Secret Service (Retired.)

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Cogent comment a reader left on my You tube channel: "'The Kennedy Detail' repeats the legend that Clint Hill  was within a split second of saving JFK and taking the fatal bullet. But he's not even in the Moorman photo (taken at the moment of the fatal head shot) and in the Muchmore film he's only climbing down from the follow up car AFTER the head shot.   Also, in the Altgens photo (which was taken AFTER the second shot), Hill is still on the running board and staring at JFK-  but not running towards him."



As for Clint Hill and Gerald Blaine signing assassination photos, another reader had this comment:

"What an embarrassment! That would be like Bill Buckner signing a picture of the ball going through his legs give me a break!"
"These guys are always whining about "oh we're traumatized we have nightmares" blah blah blah I know let's sign pictures of that day what a joke."