11/21/63 Houston, TX- Secret Service agent Clint Hill laughs with the Kennedys and Connallys

11/21/63 Houston, TX- Secret Service agent Clint Hill laughs with the Kennedys and Connallys
11/21/63 Houston, TX- Secret Service agent Clint Hill laughs with the Kennedys and Connallys as fellow agent Sam Sulliman stands in proper formation on the other side of the limo. Sam joined the other Sam---Kinney---in telling me that JFK NEVER ordered the agents to do anything, let alone ordering the agents off the limo. Agent Stu Stout, who looks an awful lot like Hoover, stand in the middle in the background. I like rare photos; same ole same ole bores me

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


"Hill, who lives in Virginia, is “happier than I have ever been” with Lisa McCubbin, the journalist he co-wrote the memoir with. “The calendar says I’m 81 and she’s 48, but I feel 52.” In his book he credits McCubbin “...for bringing me out of my dungeon, where I languished for years in my emotional prison ... you helped me find a reason to live, not just exist”. “I was there for her children, but I wasn’t there for the birth of either of my sons [Chris and Corey, now 56 and 51 respectively]. They grew up without a father. My wife Gwen raised them herself.” (They separated, “emotionally”, years ago, but have not divorced.)
PAGE 241 OF HILL'S NEW BOOK: Lisa says of Hill" For some reason, we were brought together at the right time in both our lives, and I am so grateful we were. You are extraordinary."


Monday, December 9, 2013


Clint Hill's new book- something is not right (twice): Lifton premonition and Humes did not need Perry after all?


Beyond the issues of this book being a mere cash grab (mission accomplished, as the book is a best-seller), as there is zero new (no mention of the drinking incident and his participation in it), no hyped "clearing up of the conspiracy misconceptions along the way" (nothing is really addressed, one way or the other; must have had a change of heart as to even feel the need to take on the pro-conspiracy people) and the much ballyhooed hype about new photos did not ring true at all (I have seen most of these before), there are two items in the book that do NOT ring true and read as later-day reactions to the "conspiracy crowd" as he would call it. These items, IF they were truly accurate back on 11/22/63, are quite telling, to put it mildly. In other words, IF these two items ARE true, then I am wrong---there ARE two new items of interest in Hill's book after all:


1) Page 124- David Lifton premonition?!?!? And Johnson out front, Johnsen to the rear, huh?


Hill writes: "It strikes me that perhaps we should keep an agent with President Kennedy's body---out of respect for both President and Mrs. Kennedy, and in light of the questions that were raised at Parkland Hospital about taking the body back to Washington for the autopsy. This way, if there is ever any doubt about whether Dr. Burkley stayed with the body until the autopsy, or suspicions about tampering, there will be a Secret Service agent who also remained with the casket and can vouch for the integrity of the body. Agent Dick Johnsen is selected for the post because he is an agent who was with President Kennedy from the beginning and is familiar to Mrs. Kennedy, O'Donnell, and Powers [emphasis added]"


Beyond the absurdity of picking an AGENT as somehow relieving any person's suspicion that something could possibly be amiss ("oh, an agent was there? ok, no suspicion there"), the agent chosen was none other than the official keeper of CE399 aka the magic bullet. What's more, Lifton's best-selling book did not appear until the early 1980's and the issue of body tampering/ alteration was not on anyone's minds until the early-mid 1970's at the earliest...WHY would Hill write these comments? And, from the excerpt above as written, are we to somehow infer that it was HILL (not Kellerman, for example) who made the decision to have an agent stay with the body and decide that the specific person should be the magic bullet holder? Hmmm...


2) Pages 138-139-  the autopsy doctors were sure the throat wound was an exit---who needs Doc Perry?-- and Hill is sure the first shot was this shot? Really??


Hill writes: "The doctor points to a wound in the throat and explains that this is where the emergency tracheotomy was done at Parkland Hospital, which covered up the area where a bullet had exited. He rolls the president slightly onto his left side and points to a small wound just below the neckline, slightly to the right of the spinal column in the upper back. This, he says, is where the bullet entered, and then came out the front of the neck. The bullet that caused these wounds hit nothing but soft tissue. Those wounds, I knew without a doubt, came from the first shot. It corroborates what I saw---the president suddenly grabbing his throat immediately after the first explosive noise. The doctor points to a wound on the right rear of the head. This, he says, was the fatal wound. He lifts up a piece of the scalp, with skin and hair still attached, which reveals a hole in the skull, and an area in which a good portion of the brain matter is gone{emphasis added]"


To his "credit", as he also recently demonstrated on television, Hill repeats what he has said since 11/22/63 (and in his other two Lisa McCubbin co-authored books) that the right rear of JFK's head was missing (page 107), but what gives with the above?